• Some more musical sightseeing...

    Some more musical sightseeing...

    ... 20 ft. tall abstract sculptures of The Beatles in Houston...

    ... at the original site of the club in downtown Houston where Townes Van Zandt recorded his classic album "Live at The Old Quarter".  Thanks, Sabra!

  • Been doing some musical sightseeing...

    Been doing some musical sightseeing...

    ... at the Blue Note Grill in Durham, NC, in the birthplace of the Peidmont Blues.

    ... caught this band in Raleigh, NC - Chatham County Line. Good stuff!

    ... on South Congress in Austin, across the street from The Continental Club.

  • Dublin Blues

    I was in Austin last week for a conference and, on a whim,  I decided to do something I had always wanted to do ever since I heard Townes Van Zandt sing Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues". I went with my wife, Karin, and my good friend, Greg Mooty, to the Texas Chili Parlor Bar and drank Mad-dog Margaritas. We had a blast. 

    P.S The margaritas were made with mescal and they were NASTY..... so I had two!   :-)

  • New CD Available

    Dear friends,

    I am pleased to announce the arrival of my first CD, entitled “Take Me As I Am,” released on my independent label, Upright Beaver Music.

    It has been three years in the making and it includes cuts recorded at the famed Dallas Sound Lab, (where Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Beck, U2, and others have recorded). It was mixed and mastered by Brad Davis, known for his work with Marty Stuart, Sam Bush, Billy Bob Thornton and others.

    I am proud of this CD. It contains a selection of the best of my original music written in the last few years and it includes stellar musical performances contributed by friends and studio musicians.

    “Take Me As I Am” will be available for download soon on iTunes. Until then, you can listen to it in its entirety and purchase downloaded songs individually or as a group at

    You can also purchase a physical CD from

    Of course, I would love to see you at one of my gigs where the CD will be available. 

    I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it and thanks for all your support over the years.

    See you further on down the road.

    AKA Johnny C. Lately

  • "New" Townes Van Zandt Release

    "New" Townes Van Zandt Release

    Just got a new CD of unreleased studio sessions and demos from Townes Van Zandt entitled "Sunshine Boy: The Unheard Studio Sessions & Demos 1971 - 1972"

    Good stuff!

    I highly recommend it.  :-)

  • Renowned guitarist joins Johnny C.

    I want to invite you to a special event this weekend. Nationally known guitarist Brad Davis will be joining me onstage at Landon Winery in Greenville this Saturday, October 26. Brad is a sought after multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer/producer in Nashville and Los Angeles. He has toured with Marty Stuart, Sam Bush, Billy Bob Thorton and others and played on countless studio sessions and soundtracks including his work on Warren Zevon's Grammy-award winning CD. 
    Brad and I became friends when he did the production and session work on my CD. We've been wanting to perform together but could never get our schedules arranged, until now. 
    My long-time friend and percussionist, JP Lee will be backing us up. This is a show you won't want to miss!
    You can hear Brad at
    Looking forward to it. 
  • Johnny C. and Friends at the Chigger Fest!

    Johnny C. and Friends at the Chigger Fest!

    The 2011 Chigger Fest has come and gone and it was the biggest and best ever. Loads of FUN. If you missed it, we'll see you next year. Thanks to Mark Clark, JP Lee, and "Diamond" Jack for sitting in with me. Thanks for the picture, Sabra.

  • Townes Van Zandt

    Townes Van Zandt

    Here's a classic photo of Townes I found recently. May he rest in peace.

  • Progress on My New CD!

    So, I've had four recording sessions - one with Loren Seeley in his home studio in Sulphur Springs and three with Doug Downes. Doug got us into the Dallas Sound Labs, (where Stevie Ray Vaughan recorded his LPs!) and also into the Maximedia Studio.

    I have at least 15 good songs to choose from for the CD. I played some solo and some accompanied by Joseph Pilliod on percussion, Lenno Summers on bass, and Mark Clark on dobro and harmonium. We kept the over-dubs to a minimum.

    I'll begin mixing them with Brad Davis in his studio in Commerce in about 2 weeks.

    I'm JAZZED.  :-)

    I'll keep you all posted....